Funerals and Memorials

Is your family or was your loved one an atheist, agnostic, secular humanist or pagan?  Do you seek the solace of a proper ritual without religion?  Then an end-of-life Celebrant can be of great help to you by meeting your needs for an appropriate and personal ceremony during your time of loss.

As a certified funeral celebrant, I’m honored to work with you to create a funeral service, memorial, or celebration-of-life ceremony that is individualized to reflect the personality, values and life-style of the deceased and/or family and friends.

As a Celebrant I have been trained to design a service for your loved one that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that defined the loved one.

The essence of a celebrant service is based upon the remembrances of family and friends.

As a Celebrant I will consult with you through deep interviews to design a service that best reflects and memorializes the life of your loved one.  This can be at the funeral home of your choice, at the graveside, for an anniversary service, or any other memorial occasion.

Why use a Certified Celebrant for a funeral, memorial or celebration-of-life?

The workshops for Celebrants established by In-Sight Books provide the most comprehensive and sensitive training available. It is important that you and your family know that you are being served by someone who understands the process and is prepared to offer the very best service possible.

Are you yourself thinking about those tough decisions?

Have you been inspired by The Conversation Project to talk with your family about end-of-life care?  Please don’t say, “I don’t want a service.”  If people care about you, they will grieve for your passing.  An appropriate funeral or memorial gives them a safe space to start their grief journey.

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Whether your need is immediate or planned for the future, please contact me for more information about how I can serve your needs for a caring and personal tribute.

Standard price:  $300